Attention Morris Patriots: CALL TO ACTION ALERT

In This Alert:
1. Call to Action: PLEASE attend Wednesday, 3/16, Trustees Meeting, County College of Morris re: CCM’s decision to admit illegal aliens; offer those from Morris County the “in county” tuition discount


Please join us at Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of Trustees of CCM to express our objection to illegal aliens being granted taxpayer tuition subsidies.

Where / When:
The Trustees of the County College of Morris meet:
Wednesday, March 16th, 6:30 p.m.
Henderson Hall, Room 103
at County College of Morris, off Route 10, in Randolph NJ

We expect large numbers of attendees, so plan to arrive early. For questions on date/time/parking, contact the CCM Secretary to the Board of Trustees at (973) 328-5029.

Important: We especially need LEGAL immigrants and naturalized American citizens to come and speak to defend their hard work to become citizens LEGALLY – so if you are, or know, such citizens, PLEASE make a special effort to attend and speak.

Also, please help us by doing any research you can into:
– Current immigration policies of other nations as compared to the new CCM policy

– Federal law requiring student visas

– Policies in other states toward the education of illegal immigrants

The Issue: Attendance & Tuition Policy for Illegal Aliens
What the County College of Morris Trustees Did

At their February 16th meeting, the trustees reversed a 2001 policy decision, and voted to:

– Allow undocumented immigrants to take classes at CCM

– Receive the “in county” 44% tuition subsidy (paid by taxpayers) if they live in Morris County

To Qualify, an undocumented immigrant must:

– Provide proof of entrance into the United States (illegally) before the age of 16

– Prove they are under age 35

– Prove they have resided in the United States for at least 5 years without interruption

– Prove they have graduated from an American high school or possess a general equivalency diploma

– Undocumented immigrants will not be required to to be citizens — or even be required to apply for citizenship or have student visas — to receive these benefits!

– Ironically, no American would be granted such benefits in any of the countries from which these students come. In fact, the director of the Morris County Board of Freeholders has said that even in countries like Germany, parents are required to put a hold on bank funds — in advance — to cover tuition, before students will be admitted. Taxpayer subsidies are unheard of.

Arguments the Trustees voiced in support of their new policy

– The federal “DREAM Act” would have allowed children of ilegal immigrants to become citizens by attending college. (It passed the U.S. House of Representatives but failed to come up for a vote in the U.S. Senate and is NOT law)

– New Jersey considered a bill to allow in-state tuition for undocumented students (but it failed to pass and is NOT law)

– “CCM now joins most of New Jersey’s two- and four-year colleges that do not ask about immigration status or require Social Security numbers before enrolling students”

– According to Elaine Johnson, chair of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Edward Yaw, CCM president, “By allowing undocumented individuals to continue their education at CCM, the trustees have reinforced our founding mission to serve as an open access institution for all seeking a quality higher education.”

– According to Yaw, “increasing numbers of Morris County students who were educated in our public schools, who got good grades, but because of our policy could not be educated at CCM. They had to attend other county colleges or pay significantly more to attend private colleges, or giver up on their dream of pursuing a higher education.”

– One illegal immigrant student: “our family doesn’t have the money for private colleges, especially with¬†federal grants unavailable to illegal immigrants”

-Two illegal immigrant students said, “our parents pay taxes, but we can’t get in-state tuition at most state colleges. After a decade growing up in America, we feel a little like outsiders without Social Security numbers.”

Arguments AGAINST this new policy

– Citizenship should count for something!

– Taxpayers should not subsidize individuals who – for whatever reason – have entered and now continue to reside in the United States illegally!

– The policy violates Section 8, USC1623 of the Federal Immigration Nationality Act of 1996 which states an undocumented alien cannot be given a benefit or privilege that a U.S. citizen or legal resident aliend is ineligible for, in that it allows illegal immigrants — with NO citizenship — to achieve “in county” subsidized tuition, while a legal citizen from the next county can’t get that pricing.

– Granting citizen benefits to non-citizens attracts more illegal entry, encourages illegals to continue to take advantage of taxpayer subsidy of public education, and continues the saga of not holding individuals accountable for their actions

– Continuing to grant benefits to illegal immigrants only encourages further abuse of the law, attracts more people to enter the United States illegally, and overwhelms our social support systems that should be supporting Americans


At their Feb. 16th meeting, the trustees of the County College of Morris voted 7-1 to reverse a policy in effect for the past decade, and will now allow illegal aliens to attend classes. At least 3 trustees were absent.

Under an agenda item labeled “Reports – Committee on Minority Enrollment and Retention / Admissions Policy”, meeting when key Trustees were absent, the remaining trustees of CCM reversed policy and voted to ALLOW illegal aliens to attend CCM, and get a 44% “in county” discount on tuition if they live in Morris County. While such illegals will be required to prove they entered the United States before the age of 16, prove that they have lived in the United States without interruption for at least 5 years and prove that they have graduated or obtained some high school graduation equivalent … they will¬†NOT be required to apply for Citizenship to get these benefits!

Of note: Former Governor Jon Corzine appointed Kathleen Serafino, Morris County’s executive superintendent of schools and a state employee, voted in favor of CCM’s new policy as a CCM trustee, according to the Daily Record. Technically, she reports to the NJ Department of Education, under the direction of Governor Christie.