Enough already with the lies about the Dream Act

The Bovine Scatology being reported about the Dream Act is just the latest in a long line of lies about immigration, the number of illegal aliens in our country and the effect illegal immigration has on our country. Lying about immigration has been a staple of American politics for nearly two decades.

Congressman Steve King, R-IA, believes that Senate Democrats are blocking the release of a Congressional Budget Office report that has put a $20 billion price tag on the Dream Act.

First of all, the Dream Act is an amnesty. Pay no attention to what the liars on the left are saying; it is an amnesty, period. Simply applying for status under the Dream Act prevents DHS from removing any alien regardless of how frivolous the application and regardless if they are a criminal. It is an amnesty that includes criminals.

Second, the Dream Act isn’t about students. The age range is 12-35. There is talk of reducing it to 30, but that just highlights the lie. It is about much more than just students. Under the S.3827 version of the Dream Act some applicants would be 41 years old before obtaining legal status.

Third, the talking point that, “Many of these students were unaware of their illegal status” is an oft repeated lie and laughable. Immigration has been a front burner issue in California for 20 years, over 15 years nationally. We’re supposed to believe that with all the attention illegal immigration has gotten in the media, and I include media of all languages, and with families working here illegally, obtaining fraudulent documents and everything else that these “students” didn’t know their immigration status? Any “student” in that category is either lying or too dumb to go to college, or live in my country for that matter. I don’t think our future is all that bright if it depends, as the pro-Dreamers pontificate, on these dunces.

The biggest lie is, of course, that there will be a sincere effort to pass this piece of junk.

The Dream Act doesn’t stand a chance of passing and the Democrats know it. One wonders when the open borders crowd will finally acknowledge this publicly. They are being pandered to and used politically when the chances of passing any amnesty, even this Dream Act piece of junk, are zero. ZEE-row.

The conference calls to the faithful out of the White House have been less than inspiring. As early as 8 months into the Obama Administration officials from the S.E.I.U. were openly wondering if they could “trust this guy,” meaning could they trust Obama to move forward on amnesty. Anybody in the open borders crowd who is honest with himself knows that this is a sham.

Another bunch of lies lands in my e-mail box everyday with appeals for donations to “Help Stop the Dream Act.” Some of these organizations I have never heard of before and some I have never seen do anything very much to actually stop illegal immigration.

However, regardless of this useless background noise, you should still call your congressman and senators and tell them to vote against the Dream Act.

Also, send them an email, fax them. Let them know. I suggest you politely use this phrase, “Vote against the Dream Act. And, I want our immigration laws and employment laws enforced.”

The American people oppose the Dream Act. They oppose amnesty. They support enforcement laws like Arizona’s SB 1070. Over 30 states are now considering such legislation. And your call opposing the Dream Act will inform your elected official that you agree with the overwhelming number of polls that show that Americans want the law enforced.

If the Dream Act were to pass, it would be all over. It would begin a cascading of events that would ultimately lead to an amnesty of almost all of the estimated 35-40 million illegal aliens in the country. (Another lie is that there are only 11 million illegal aliens in the country. Nobody who knows anything believes that.) The fraudulent document industry would go where no man has gone before. And, it would lead to a surge of tens of millions more illegal aliens coming into the country to get in on the amnesty. The chain migration resulting from those getting amnesty would beget a couple hundred million more people coming into our country in the next 40 years.

And that is why it isn’t going to pass. The political cost would be too high. Besides, the status quo of the “de-facto amnesty” of allowing open borders and not enforcing our immigration laws or employment laws works just fine for now, it has for years. Millions are coming in each year, working here, consuming here. Washington Pols and their business patróns get what they want without risking an enormous backlash from the voters. And, I think they all know now that a backlash is not just theoretical.