Soldiers Arrive at Arizona-Mexico Border: Does This Deter Illegal Immigration?

The Obama Administration’s push to strengthen border security begins this week with the arrival of 30 Army National Guard soldiers at the Arizona – Mexico border.

Over 500 additional troops will eventually be stationed at the border. More troops will be sent each Monday until the border is fully staffed by October, a National Guard spokesman told USA Today.

The deployment of the National Guardsmen has been criticized by the president’s political opponents as sluggish.

President Obama authorized federal funding for the deployment of the guardsmen back in May, and it was announced in July that it would begin on August 1.

“When they came out and told us they were going to send the 524 National Guard troops to our border, everybody assumed we would have 524 starting in August,” said Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican.

Earlier this month, Gen. Craig McKinley, chief of the National Guard Bureau, said that full forces would be working in the field by September.