06/09/11 Alabama governor signs nation’s toughest immigration law
Republican Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday signed into law a crackdown on illegal immigration in Alabama that both supporters and critics consider the toughest in the nation.
06/01/11 DNC Chair: Republicans Believe Illegal Immigration ‘Should be a Crime’
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.-Fla.), chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, denounced Republicans last week for believing illegal immigration “should in fact be a crime.”
05/25/11 S.C. House approves immigration crackdown bill
Those suspected of being in the country illegally soon may have to prove they are U.S. citizens, at least in South Carolina.
05/16/11 Obama’s Hypocritical Rhetoric on Immigration Reform
Barack Obama’s immigration speech in El Paso May 10 was an exercise in electioneering and hypocrisy. Hypocrisy because while Obama complained about “politicians” blocking comprehensive immigration bills, he was one of them himself.
05/13/11 Governor signs Arizona-style immigration bill into law
Gov. Nathan Deal on Friday signed one of the nation’s toughest immigration enforcement measures into law amid threats of court challenges and economic boycotts targeting Georgia.
05/09/11 Ariz. seeks online donations to build border fence
Arizona lawmakers want more fence along the border with Mexico — whether the federal government thinks it’s necessary or not.
04/21/11 End Birthright Citizenship
Majority of Americans Oppose Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Aliens
04/18/11 Border security: Razor wire is a game changer
There is one solution to securing the U.S. borders that should receive more attention: razor wire; it creates a significantly more serious obstacle to every class of fence climber; the one stretch of border fence that does have razor wire saw significant drops in all three areas studied.
04/15/11 Georgia passes Arizona-style immigration bill
Arguing that the federal government has not done enough to protect the country’s borders, Georgia on Thursday followed Arizona’s lead in passing tough legislation aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.
04/11/11 61% Say Enforcing Immigration Laws Would Cut Poverty
Americans feel more strongly than ever that the lack of immigration law enforcement directly effects poverty in the country.
03/15/11 Attention Morris Patriots: CALL TO ACTION ALERT
Call to Action: Wednesday, March 16, 2011. If you are in/near Northern New Jersey, please read this important call to action from the Morris Patriots!
03/03/11 Texas Mulls Arizona-Style Illegal Immigration Law
State and local police officers would be allowed — but not required — to help enforce federal immigration laws under a compromise plan working its way through the Texas Legislature.
03/01/11 Oklahoma House Panel Passes Illegal Immigrant Bill
An Oklahoma House committee has approved anti-illegal immigrant legislation that would give Oklahoma law enforcement officials new authority to assess the immigration status of motorists.
02/24/11 Illegal Immigrants Overrun Arizona’s Emergency Rooms
The state of Arizona, known for taking a tough stance in favor of the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution in its legislation that seeks to defend its borders from the constant onslaught of illegal immigrants who violate its laws by illicitly entering the state of Arizona, has once again demonstrated to be taking effective, common-sense measures towards remedying the enormous legal and fiscal challenges wrought by unrestrained illegal immigration.
01/25/11 Lawsuit Filed to Stop Gov’t Tuition Benefits for Illegal Aliens
Would you approve of your tax dollars being used to subsidize the college education of an illegal alien? My guess is that your answer is the same as mine. Absolutely not! But that’s exactly what is taking place in Montgomery County, Maryland. And Judicial Watch has decided to take legal action to stop it.
01/14/11 Mexican gunman fires across border toward U.S. highway workers
At least one Mexican gunman fired a high-powered rifle across the border at four U.S. road workers Thursday in an isolated ghost town east of Fort Hancock, Hudspeth County sheriff’s officials said.
01/03/11 NJ Sen. Robert Menendez seeks support for immigration reform bill
New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez plans to reach out to a South Carolina Republican to craft a bipartisan immigration reform bill in the next Congress.
12/30/10 Bleak prospects for broad immigration reform in near future 
Just days after Congress killed the DREAM Act, voices on all sides of the immigration reform debate say it’s unlikely there will be much movement on the issue during the next two years.
12/28/10 More States Seeking to Follow Arizona’s Push for Tougher Immigration Rules
Arizona’s get-tough approach to illegal immigration has sparked court challenges likely to take years to resolve. Randy Terrill, a Republican state lawmaker from Oklahoma, won’t be waiting to see what judges decide.
12/10/10 Federal agents, Danbury police pick up five immigrants
Five men were arrested in the city Thursday during a joint operation involving federal immigration agents and local police, authorities said.
12/09/10 House passes immigration Dream Act
The bill gives young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they enroll in college or enlist in the military. Supporters call its passage historic — but Democrats probably don’t have enough votes to get it through the Senate.